Pinterest pins a plan for growth


Article courtesy of Jefferson Graham

Women gravitated to Pinterest’s visual appeal early on; now the social network is making a concentrated effort to reach out to small businesses to start using the service as it seeks to expand its audience base.

Pinterest has yet to accept advertising — it’s expected to start experimenting with monetization next year — but it’s open for business for folks looking to market to consumers.

BIG STORES: Pinterest poised to pin down retail revenue

Pinterest, which reached 46 million visitors in July, according to measurement site ComScore, is a website and app that lets users “pin” photos and Web links of things they’re interested in. You can browse categories to see what folks think of, say, wedding dresses, sunflowers and chicken pot pie, and businesses can post photos and links to try and grow their sales.

Pinterest recently introduced a new tool called “Rich Pins,” which…

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Finding the Social Storytellers Within a Large Organization

The Life of Randy Ksar

Finding the right personIf you are a content manager or social media manager at an organization one of the time consuming parts of your job is finding the right people to create content for you.  This is especially true if storytelling is not part of the culture and social is new to employees.  Usually the people are found within a product or engineering organization. They are usually the innovators and the people behind the product which social consumers want to hear from.  They don’t work in PR, they don’t work in marketing but are the people who can answer in-depth (technical or not) product questions. With the work that I’ve done with clients I’ve asked the following questions to potential content producers / evangelists / bloggers. Remember most of these people don’t have an official social or content producing job responsibility so it is up to you to show that the social channel…

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The Top 5 Things To Have In Your Digital Marketing Pitch (…But don’t take it from me)

WTF Social, "Expert" Advice on Social Media Marketing and Strategy

pitchI just finished up a Digital Marketing summer course at NYU, and our final assignment was to write about the top 5 things we think should be included in any digital marketing pitch to a client.

Sounds like it should be an easy task, especially after surviving a summer-long NYU intensive on the subject. After thinking long and hard about it though, I felt pretty unqualified to answer that question. After all, I’ve never worked on the agency side. And there is a lot more to think about other than digital marketing when you’re pitching a campaign to a client, even if it’s a digital marketing campaign.

Nonetheless, I put together a list of 5. But rather than impose upon you my thoughts that are based purely on speculation and no experience, I ran them by Tracy Flynn, an Associate Creative Director at Wunderman NYC.


1. Explain your integrated strategy…

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How does social media benefit PR?

PR 2.0 Evolved!

It was Brian Solis who first coined PR 2.0 in the 90’s in terms of how one day PR, multimedia and the web would intersect each other. But it is now that the PR industry has begun to realise and understand its importance due to the various ways in which this integration of web and multimedia with PR has proved to be beneficial over and over again.

One best example to show how using social media as a PR tool benefited a brand is that of Cadbury’s. In order to thank its fans for reaching a 1 million fans mark on Facebook it constructed a huge Dairy milk chocolate thumbs-up which resembled the “Like” button of Facebook. This stunt which live streamed the construction of the thumb, aimed to increase Cadbury’s brand engagement on Facebook from 16%, resulted into an outstanding success with some of its fans leaving their live…

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Start Ups & Social Media

Woohoo! You’re starting a new business! Super exciting, may I suggest one thing?

Once you have your LLC (or whatever it is), trademark you name and terms and as fast as you can snag up those social media handles. They need to be something easy for your customers to find, and if you choose something different than your business name, be sure to have social media buttons on your website to bring people directly there (you should have these anyways).

Here are the four basic accounts:

For a facebook username you have to have 25 likes. So get your Facebook account fully branded and filled out, post some interesting things and try to get those 25 likes so that your Facebook link is accurate. You can choose a custom URL and then only change it once more through your settings.

You choose your twitter handle when signing…

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Tweeting in Real-Time: How to Stand Out in the World’s Busiest Town Square

AmericasMart Blog

tweeting in real time

Since the first tweet on March 21, 2006, Twitter has not only changed the way the world communicates — frequently in concise bursts — it has also changed the way customers interact with businesses — individually and transparently. With a billion active accounts in sight, businesses in general, and the retail industry specifically, cannot afford to not have a presence on Twitter.

Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology. Ultimately, brands need to have a role in society. The best way to have a role in society is to understand how people are talking about things in real time and connect with them on a more personal level.

So what is real-time marketing? Real-time marketing is not just an Oreo dunking in the dark. Marketers are starting to develop a definition for “real-time marketing” as “creating dynamic personalized content across channels.” In a Shoutlet webinar with @melissahjohnson and @kksparks…

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Mobile Marketing and the Small Business – Part 1, The “Why”

Hop Aboard The Mobile Machine!

By Jimmy Emery – CEO, Mobile Machine

Part 1 of a multi-part series

The “Why”

If you’re a small business owner, ask yourself this question; How many people do you know have a mobile phone?  Then ask yourself this; How many of them use a smartphone or a tablet?  If your answers are most, majority, or everyone, then read on.

There are over 140 Million active smartphones in the USA.  If you aren’t marketing to those users, you are missing more than half of your audience.  Studies show that most consumers look for business and product information on their mobile devices.  They also make dinner reservations, order food , buy products, check for specials, pay bills, and join mailing lists via mobile.

So “Why” do you need a mobile marketing strategy?  Easy.  Mobile Marketing is one of the least expensive means of marketing to mobile consumers and it’s fully…

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